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im a really affectionate person once you get past my 5 layers of shyness, awkwardness, fear, vague dislike, and loneliness

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You are not a beautiful and unique snowflake. You are the same decaying organic matter as everyone else, and we are all part of the same compost pile. - Chuck Palahniuk, Fight Club (via feellng)
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u are a garden and sadly i’m like 12 gardens or a greenhouse. i’m better

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actual view from my friends place right now


actual view from my friends place right now

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i loooooove personality quizzes and astrology and alignments and personality types because i’m completely obsessed with myself

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why the fuck cant i have a best friend who lives 30 seconds away from me who always comes over and we just stay at each others houses whenever movies are so deceiving

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☆。*☽Halloween Haven☾*。☆


☆。*☽Halloween Haven☾*。☆

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